How Tube Advertising Can Help Your Business

With over a billion passenger journeys made on the London Underground network each year, tube advertising is a hugely popular and effective way to reach your target audience. With an average platform wait time of 3 minutes, your advertising has the chance to make a real impact on commuters and engage them with your brand or product. In a recent study conducted by CBS Outdoor, 87% of commuters actually welcome tube advertising as it provides them with a distraction during their journey.

When you add that to the fact that people spend up to 13 minutes engaging with ads on escalators, and 5 minutes inside tube carriages, it makes sense that ad placements here can have a significant knock-on effect online, with 41% of those who travel on the tube finding out more about a particular product or service within a week of viewing an advert on one of their journeys.

There are lots of different options available when it comes to tube advertising, including escalator panels (also known as LEPS), tunnel advertising, cove ads and more. Depending on your campaign objectives, the type of ad you choose can have a big impact on the cost and return you see from your investment.

The best thing about tube advertising is that, because it’s a crowded and busy environment, it can be very effective in helping your message to stand out and get noticed. When it’s done well, this can create a great deal of buzz and momentum for your brand and help to increase your sales or enquiries.

What’s more, because the London Underground network is such a huge, influential part of daily life in London, it’s a great place to target a specific and highly desirable audience. You can do this by targeting specific stations and even specific escalator or corridor locations.

Lastly, tube advertising is also very effective when used in conjunction with other forms of transport advertising, such as on trains or at railway stations. For example, it’s a common combination to pair adgate advertising at the gates where people put their Oyster cards and bankcards through as they travel on the tube with escalator or tunnel advertising in the ticket hall or concourses.

If you’re interested in adding tube advertising to your marketing mix, we can advise and put you in touch with suitable creative agencies who specialise in producing ad artwork for this form of media. They’ll be able to design an engaging, eye-catching and memorable piece of work that’s guaranteed to get your advert seen by your target audience.