Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Services Calgary

Vehicle fleet maintenance services Calgary are necessary for businesses that rely on company vehicles to conduct business and deliver products or service. Fleet maintenance includes the practice of keeping all company vehicles in excellent driving condition and scheduling routine preventative repairs to ensure they continue running at peak performance. This helps cut down long-term maintenance costs and avoids costly repair bills.

Preventative fleet maintenance is much less expensive than paying for the repercussions of failing to address vehicle issues. Last-minute emergency repairs can cost up to four times more and cause unexpected downtime. Using real-time telematics to monitor vehicle health, such as fault codes and fuel usage, helps companies avoid these costs.

Keeping your vehicles Cetus Automotive Repair Centre on schedule with regular preventative maintenance also saves money by improving fuel efficiency. A well-maintained vehicle can consume up to 50% less fuel than a poorly maintained one. And by following a consistent maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your vehicle and increase its resale value.

While it’s important to keep your fleet vehicles in good condition, it’s even more important to cut down on unnecessary expenses. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of your fleet is the sum of all capital expenditures, maintenance and repair costs, depreciation and administration and licensing fees. Cutting these costs will make your fleet more profitable and help you decide when it’s time to upgrade or replace your vehicles.

Fleet management solutions like Samsara can help you cut costs by automating preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking key fleet metrics, including mileage, engine diagnostic code alerts, fuel usage and idling. In addition, a driver app allows drivers to submit DVIRs from the field, allowing you to get ahead of maintenance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. And since the software can collect data for multiple vehicles at once, you can use it to create a preventive maintenance schedule that is customized to your specific industry or vehicle needs.

Another common expense is overhead costs, which can include office and warehouse rent as well as fleet vehicle storage space. To lower your TCO, reduce these expenses by renting or buying a smaller facility, downsizing your fleet and eliminating non-road costs. You can also improve TCO by lowering your fleet operating costs, such as by focusing on reducing driving expenses and improving the efficiency of fleet operations.

In order to lower your TCO, you’ll need to improve your fleet operation’s efficiency, such as by implementing a driver scorecard system. This will assess driving habits such as speeding and seatbelt use, and can have many benefits, from reducing operational costs to increasing productivity. A fleet management solution can provide driver scorecards and a telematics system that can integrate with dispatch, customer service and other third-party logistics (3PL) systems. The right solution will help you save thousands in the long run and protect your bottom line.

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