How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap Auto Insurance

There are many ways to save money on car insurance, even if you have an accident or ticket on your record, are new to driving, are over 25, or live in a high-risk area. The most important step is to shop around and compare quotes. Use online quote tools to get a quick idea of rates and then talk to an agent to find the best deal. You can also lower your premium by raising the deductible, though you’ll need to be able to afford to pay more out of pocket in case of an accident.

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You can also save by bundling policies with the same company and by qualifying for discounts. Many insurers offer a discount for having a good credit score, for example, or for getting a driver’s education course. Some companies offer a discount for lowering your annual mileage, while others may offer a discount if you’re a member of certain organizations or have a job that’s considered safe or low-risk  teachers, doctors, and police officers, for example.

The type of vehicle Cheap Auto Insurance you drive can also influence the price you pay. Luxury vehicles are often more expensive to insure than compact sedans, for instance. Insurance companies also consider the likelihood of theft when calculating prices, so drivers with older cars might pay more than those with newer, safer models.

In general, you’ll pay more for car insurance if you live in a larger city or densely populated state. Crowded streets lead to more accidents, which drives up insurance rates. Rural states and towns tend to have cheaper rates.

Other factors that determine the cost of your car insurance include your gender and age. Women typically pay less than men, and as you approach your 50s, your rates will start to drop.

You’ll generally pay more for car insurance if you have bad credit or an at-fault accident on your record. Some companies specialize in insuring high-risk drivers and are known as nonstandard insurers. They’ll file an SR-22 on your behalf, which is required in most states after a DUI, reckless driving charge, or multiple at-fault accidents. The General is one such nonstandard car insurance company, although it has a poor reputation for paying out claims and is not recommended for anyone with a clean record.

If you’re in the market for car insurance, be sure to look at options from nonstandard companies as well as traditional providers. You might be surprised at how affordable it is to insure a car with a bad driving record if you shop around. Just make sure you choose a company with quality customer service, and don’t skimp on coverage to save a few bucks. You’ll be glad you did if you ever need to file a claim. In addition to comparing rates, you should always review your policy at least three or five years after any accidents, speeding tickets, and moving violations are dropped off your record.