Fursys Group Expands Its Global Reach

Fursys is a company that offers a suite of products and services that spans a wide spectrum of office furniture, hospital furnishings, home furnishings, and even baby gear. With offices in Korea and overseas, they’re well-positioned to deliver the best of both worlds. Their portfolio includes chairs, desks, tabletop, and more. The company has been around for more than 30 years and possesses an unrivaled level of experience and expertise in the space. They’ve earned an industry-leading reputation for manufacturing quality, innovative, and design-first office furnishings.

As part of its mission to become the leading office furniture maker in Asia, the company has been working to develop a better understanding of the business environment overseas. A major step in this direction is the establishment of a global network to facilitate the export of Fursys’s products and services. This network will enable the company to expand its footprint in major markets such as Vietnam, the United States, and Europe. In addition to its own sales network, Fursys will make its debut on several global online e-commerce platforms.

While the company has long been known for its furniture, it is also known for its technological and design innovations. One of the newest additions to the company’s product line is a multi-purpose stool that is both functional and stylish. Another high-tech product is an OLED desk light, which operates without flickering. It is one of many products under the 퍼시스 그룹 company’s ilroom brand. These products are designed to turn an area of the house into a subspace, study room, or other specialized areas.

For a comprehensive list of its products, visit the Fursys website. You’ll find everything from multi-purpose and ergonomic chairs to conference tables and personal computer tables, as well as hospital furnishings and more. Additionally, the company will provide a complete range of services from consulting to after-sales service. From production to installation, Fursys is the one-stop shop for all your office furniture needs.

The enAble Series abounds in features. This nifty little item has a unique and convenient system that offers a variety of options including a high-tech tilting mechanism with on/off locking and a weight-activated function. Other products on the roster include an ergonomically oriented enAble chair, a mesh back conference chair and an ergonomic kids chair, among others. By the end of the year, the Fursys family of companies will be a force to be reckoned with in the global furniture marketplace. Having a competitive advantage will be invaluable as companies look to expand into new global markets. Currently, the company is looking at countries in South America, Mexico, and Central America.