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Thourought the world there are many organisations who exist just to help others who are less fortunate. Although many countries are established nations in the world, many are struggling to get even the most basic of necessities in place. Thankfully, organisations exist that can help bring these countries closer to a state of comfort and let them get by. One of these companies is the Red Cross and it’s established all across the globe, with many different heads in established countries. The American Red Cross was established over a century ago, on the 21st May 1881, and it was established by Clara Barton who went to become the very first President of the organisation itself. Fifteen individuals were present at the creation of the Red Cross, and the Red Cross Nursing Service on January 20th 1910 was found by Jane Delano. It was the beginning of this that has allowed the Red Cross to grow in America into the massive charity organization that it is today, helping hundreds of thousands of people every single year. Having founded the American chapter of the Rd Cross, Clara Barton went to Europe to get involved within the International Red Cross during the Franco-Prussia War, and was determined to help bring back something similar to the United States for the future. After being made President of the American branch, she opened chapters in New York with John Rockefeller and some Federal Governors who donated significant sums of money to the headquarters fund. This funding helped to create one of the first major relief efforts when the Great Fire of 1881 required humanitarian aid on a huge scale. With over 5,000 citizens left homeless, the Red Cross helped stem the tide. In the Johnstown Flood, over 2,000 people lost their lives and thousands more were injured. The Red Cross assisted in help people rebuild their lives and get back to a fraction of normality afterwards. With over one hundred years of history in the Red Cross based in the United States, it’s extremely important to make sure that it continues to grow and provide the same standard, quality and level of care that it has for so long until now. It’s one of the most reputable organisations in the world, and when you see the hard work and determination with which they work so hard with it’s very difficult to take anything away from the staff and carers that work all across the world.

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Letters Home: The American Red Cross & The 8th Air Force

By Nancy Jobson Foster


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